CIF Appeals

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During a CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) Appeal Hearing, you need an expert attorney in your corner. There are many aspects involved in these hearings, such as:

  • The informal rules of evidence. Any relevant evidence, including hearsay evidence, shall be admitted.
  • There may be a hearing panel (multiple judges), or a single hearing officer.
  • The hearing time limit.
  • Opening statements, witnesses, exhibits, and closing statements.
  • Interpretation of CIF rules.

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“We searched the internet and found you and your law firm, willing to represent our case in our official appeal. With your help and guidance, and most of all your experience, the original decision was overruled. Although CIF had up to 15 working days to rule on our appeal, it only took 2 days to clear her for basketball. We are very excited and grateful that at the end, justice did prevail…”

- The Henderson Family

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Read about our ongoing discrimination lawsuit against CIF:

“CIF has not presented one iota of evidence to back up their findings,” attorney Chris C. Prussak said. “They claim ‘a rule is a rule.’ But what about the spirit of the law? To me, this is bullying at its worst.”

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